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An interest in cycling in teen years eventually led to a return to cycling after a number of years' absence. This combined with the following interests:

An interest in computing & mobile technology and the way that "IT" could provide information in ways that traditional media are less able to do.

An interest in politics and the environment, with a realisation that we could not continue to polute our country and our planet.

An interest in getting enjoyable exercise, in the form of riding a bike.

SpyCycle got started when a friend wanted to expand a political blog into a news and magazine site, and I contributed articles about cycling and related topics, particularly the move by a number of cities away from the dominance of the motor car and the provision of better cycling infrastructure. The problem of pollution is a global one and vehicle exhausts are a major contributory factor. Obesity is also a global problem.

Increasing the number of people cycling is an ideal way to reduce congestion, thereby cutting pollution, and doing something to tackle obesity.

Monthly Unique Visitors

From a standing start in early 2015, we have gradually been accumulating readers who return to look through the articles on the site, covering cycling, bike accessories, bikes, and cycling related news.

We were uncertain what the effect would be of branching out to our own SpyCycle.uk site and are pleased to see how many have followed us over.


Richard ATKINSEditor
Keen cyclist with a strong belief that everybody has a right to HIS opinion.
Stuart GilmanContributor
Experienced cyclist, novice writer!
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