100km Sportive Prep – SIS E-Book


SIS – or Science in Sport – have a free e-book available for download, with loads of tips and advice on how to prepare for a 100km ride.

While SIS is a UK based company, the e-book is focussed on Australia, with, for example the advice that you have waterproof clothing as part of your gear – “Avoid chaffing in wet weather by keeping yourself as dry as possible. It’s not always simple during a Sydney summer downpour.” Well, we seem to have had plenty of those here in June too!

But the advice on training, nutrition and kit is pretty much international and the 11 pages give a good summarised overview along with a training plan to get you ready for your first 100km event.

Their top tip as far as I was concerned:

On the bike, staying motivated is key

You can download the e-book free of charge from SIS.


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