24 Hour Folding Bike Race 2016


Registration has openedfor the 2016 24 hour folding bike race, an annual event that takes place at the open air track in the small town of Schopp in SW Germany. The dates for this year are 14-15 May. 

Entry is limited to 48 teams of 4 riders, who can each take as many turns as they wish over the 24 hour period. Each rider must have a moustache; this year, they have to be genuine and no artificial ones are allowed. Any male turning up with a beard will have this reduced to a moustache prior to the race. Female participants can obtain an official certificate prior to the start confirming inability to grow a moustache.  

The bikes have to be 20″ single speed folding bikes that have to be at least 30 years old. As the event runs for 24 hours, the bikes must have functioning lights. 

More details (in German) are available online, so use Chrome or GoogleTranslate if you wish to find out more or register. 



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