3½ Million Miles Cycled by School Children


National cycling organisation Sustrans have reported that school children cycled and scooted an amazing 3½ million miles in the 3 weeks of their Big Pedal campaign.

This year over half a million (557,223) pupils registered to take part in the competition and together pupils, parents and teachers cycled and scooted nearly one and a half million journeys (1,412, 299) to school and back.

This not only did great things for the young pedallers’ health and fitness but saved an estimated £475,000 on fuel for what would otherwise have been more than 2 million school runs by car.

Statistics released by Sustrans today to mark the end of the Big Pedal event also revealed that the competition:

– Saved over two million car journeys from being made

– Prevented over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted

– Saved over 94,000 gallons of fuel from being used for the school run

Gary Shipp, Sustrans National Projects Coordinator for Education and Young People said:

“The rising cost of living in the UK means that parents across the country are looking for ways to cut back on costs, and the school run is the perfect place to start.

“Research by Sustrans has previously suggested that by switching from driving to cycling or scooting to school, parents could save on average £642 a year.

“The popularity of The Big Pedal shows that when families live near to school it is possible to change the way they get there.

“But cycling and scooting to school doesn’t just have financial benefit; children that regularly cycle to school are fitter, more alert and better learners too.”

The Big Pedal is funded by the Bicycle Association on behalf of the cycle industry through its Bike Hub scheme.

More information is available from Sustrans on how to get more children cycling, with free resources available for teachers.


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