625km New Km of Cycle Routes in France


It was quite remarkable that France managedto add 590km of additional cycle routes in 2014, but the observatory website of Départments & Régions Cyclable (Cyclable Departments and Regions) has just announced that 625 km of new routes were added in 2015.

This is based on a survey of 42 organisations who responded plus submissions made during the year by other bodies. These additions include another 90 km of the Eurovelo pan European network and 380 km of the French national network, with the remainder being local and inner-departmental routes.

In the bronze medal position was Bourgogne Franche-Comté with 88km, behind Normandy’s silver medal performance of 143km. Clear gold medal winner was Aquitaine – Limousin – Poitou – Charentes with 171km.

As the number of routes grow, so does the usage: there was a 12% increase in 2014, confirming the old cliché “build it and they will come”.

There’s a good YouTube clip that explains the Véloroutes – it’s in French with English sub-titles.


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