68 is the New 40


Following the coverage here on Spy of the article in the American Journal of Public Health regarding the work done by three PhD researchers at the Healthy Urban Living program at the University of Utrecht, another report has been released with the survey results of more than 4,200 competing senior athletes.

Exercise cut the fitness age of participants by nearly a quarter century – from 68 to 43!

The athletes, all of whom qualified for the 14th biennial National Senior Games taking place July 3-16th in Bloomington/Minneapolis/St. Paul, completed a fitness age test developed by researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Based on the concept that physical fitness is essential to a long life and good health, the online fitness age test calculates individuals’ fitness age based on a few simple questions such as gender, waist size and exercise routine.

“The Fitness Age survey is unique in that the questions highlight important risk factors associated with disease and disability,” said Pam Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP, Trustee of the US National Senior Games Foundation Board. “People with a good Fitness Age tend to have lower waist sizes, higher aerobic capacity and optimally healthy lifestyle habits. All of these factors are taken into consideration in the calculation of the Fitness Age.”

The US Olympic Association supports their National Senior Games, sponsored by Humana. What a shame after our politicians talked so much about “legacy” of the 2012 London Olympics that we don’t have a similar event.

You can take the World Fitness Level test online.

And if you would like to get into cycling, there’s an8 mile “City Streets and Park Life” ride coming up with Sky Ride starting outside Westbourne library, Sherrington Road, in Ipswich on Sunday 12th July at 10:00 a.m. which is suitable for anyone. Or as an alternative, there’s a ride suitable for adults and children 8+ starting from Kesgrave Community Centre, Twelve Acre Approach, Bell Lane IP5 1JF at 10:00 am also on 12th July.


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