Anti Bike Theft Tech Launch


If you were one of the 209,000 people in the UK who registered having your bike stolen last year, here is an Anti Bike Theft device that should interest you.

Friends James Sheppard and Matthew Leach were left angered and frustrated when they were both victims of bike theft. This frustration, compounded by ever-rising theft levels, lead them to launch a disruptive tech startup and develop a smart anti bike theft alarm for bikes (and motorbikes), which they have called “Limpet”.

Escalating bike and motorcycle theft statistics prove that, nowadays, you need more than just a good lock to stay safe. Whilst traditional locks make theft more difficult, they are easily overcome by savvy thieves. Trackers offer a connection to the owner via smartphone, but they fail to act as an effective, visual theft deterrent. The Geotekk company believes that their “Limpet” product addresses this gap, incorporating a piercing audible alarm and powerful strobe lights designed to draw maximum attention, whilst keeping the user connected through its user-friendly app – with real-time alerts and tracking, wherever they are.

Featuring autonomous geofence and accelerometer attack triggers with various sensitivity options, users can set the arming criteria appropriate for the situation.

For the very best protection, Limpet should be used with the owner’s existing lock, cable or chain, creating a thief’s worst nightmare – layers of security. However, Limpet can be used independently if there’s nothing to secure the item to.

In an increasingly fearful world, Geotekk was founded with the belief that anything which serves to reduce stress and anxiety in our lives enables us to be happier and “live more”.

After having their bikes stolen and experiencing first-hand the stress that theft causes, Matthew and James made it their mission to create an affordable, best-in-class smart alarm. The device would combine and augment the most effective features of various other security products in one aesthetically-superior package. The goal was also to make the product as versatile and multi-functional as possible, so various bespoke mounting attachments will be available.

To accomplish this lofty ambition, Geotekk has partnered with several established industry experts, including LMEC Engineering, Lysander R&D, Wireless Logic and Kwiboo – all highly regarded companies in their respective fields.

Now, after 3 years of meticulous R&D and prototyping, Limpet is finally ready to make its debut.

Anti Bike Theft Audible Alarm & Strobe

Founder Matthew Leach commented: “After all those years of hard work, challenges and problem solving, it’s amazingly satisfying to have brought the device through from concept to launch. As we were determined not to make any compromises throughout Limpet’s development, the process was far harder than we ever imagined it would be. In close collaboration with our strategic partners, we believe we’ve created a market-leading, user-friendly, connected security alarm. Limpet is effective, simple to use, fit for the world we live in, and ultimately, enables people to get more out of doing the things they love.”

Cyclists will be able to get their hands on the device before anyone else and take advantage of exclusive discounts, including a 50% off early-bird offer, if they pre-order the product through the brand’s Kickstarter campaign running from mid-November, meaning that you can buy it at £64.99 instead of the later full price of £129.99, plus a further £29.99 for the bike seat post clamp. There is also a subscription service available at £9.99 per quarter (one annual payment of £39.96).

To be the first to know when the exclusive early bird offer goes live, people should join the mailing list via the Geotekk website. Following Kickstarter, the product will be available to order through the company’s website; and with strong interest from national retailers, Geotekk’s Limpet anti bike theft smart alarm looks set to disrupt the IoT security market.


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