Armpocket for iPhone SE


Armpocket, who have been making high quality and eco-friendly phone carrying armbands since 2006, have introduced a new model for the iPhone SE.

Laboratory tested to IP-X4, this weather proof and sweat proof, hands-free carrying solution guarantees phones will be safe from moisture damage. Moreover, rated to Military Standard, this Ultimate Armband’s Eco-Friendly fabrics and quality construction, ensures the iPhone SE is protected against dust, dirt, sharp object penetration and scratches – and it is machine washable. With its patented memory foam padding that contours to the unique shape of any arm, this new phone will be protected from accidental drops from heights up to 4 feet.

With three interior compartments for keys, ID, credit cards, and more, the Aero i-10 model is guaranteed not to slip, keeping your arm cool and dry. Its moisture-wicking and vented bamboo mesh strap, back, and side comfort panels promotes evaporative cooling — so comfortable, you forget you are wearing it, and you also feel reassured that the Aero i-10 protects the new iPhone SE from loss or damage. With the attention to detail, it’s no wonder that the first product that Armpocket brought out was 3 years in development.

Praising Apple’s newly announced recycling efforts, Jytte Nielsen, Armpocket president and CEO applauds, “Apple’s pledge towards post-consumer recycling reflects the values and environmental stewardship Armpocket has been committed to since our company was founded ten years ago.” Constructed from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles andnaturally sustainable bamboo, Armpocket Ultimate Armbands are the highest quality and “smartest” smartphone accessory available. With eight great colors and three strap lengths, Armpocket has the carrying solution for every activity, every arm size, and every lifestyle.

Nielsen adds, “We even have carrying solutions to fit Apple’s new recycling robot “Liam” who along with Armpocket will be working to protect our environment by reducing the waste we deposit in our landfills.”

Talking with some cyclists, I know that there is a perception that this type of product is for runners rather than cyclists, who have those trusty pockets at the back of their cycling jersey. But it is not only possible to have your phone fall out when trying to extract a gel or other nourishment as you cycle, but there isn’t a vast amount of space back there, so I am in favour of shifting some of my belongings to something like the Armpocket.

Their products are available online and shipment to the UK is possible from the US company.


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