B Simple Beeline Navigation


This is a neat and effective navigation device for your bike. It clips on and off in seconds, and provides just the necessary information to help you get around and find your way without getting lost.

On my wonderful Garmin, I have multiple screens set up with different information, that cover all sorts of facts like heart rate, cadence, incline, how many metres I have climbed or descended, how far to my destination and an ETA – oh, and the actual navigation part.

The Beeline is far simpler, stripping back to the bare basics: which way next. And showing it in a simple and highly visible inverted V-shaped arrow. And unlike my Garmin which needs charging every couple of days when touring, the Beeline’s 400mAh USB rechargeable battery will last between 1 and 3 months of use between charges, based on 20-60 minutes of use every day.

This product was designed by a small London based company and raised £151,479 of crowd funding, around 250% of their campaign target. As a result, the estimated shipping date is August of this year, and the product can be pre-ordered for just £45 – a fraction of what I paid for the Garmin.


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