Vivid Launch Bafang Electric Bike


Vivid has launched a Bafang Electric Bike aimed at letting everyone experience the joy of riding a good e-bike as a lifestyle product which is both green and convenient but pitched at a very economic price level.

From the details they have sent through, it is clear that their Monsoon model which is designed for the European market is packed with a great number of quality components and smart features to bring riders a really good riding experience.

Quality & Comfort

Vivid is engineered around the state of the art Bafang electric system, which has a good reputation in the market for its constant and reliable high-quality power output. With up to 20 miles/hour of power assist, commuting on a Vivid Bafang Electric Bike is a relaxing and enjoyable way to start your day.

The 350W Bafang Mid/Rear drive motor provides up to 80 Nm torque. Start pedalling and feel the powerful yet silent electric boost kicking in simultaneously. This means that you can get up hills without breaking into a sweat.

Bafang controls on Vivid’s Bafang Electric Bike

The electric and sensor system is connected with the Bafang LCD display. You can customise your own settings for a suitable ride including speed limit, 6 levels of pedal assistance, and battery duration.

Enjoy the 48V 10.2A detachable Samsung battery on the Spectre model, which gives you 40-50 miles of power assisted travel on a single charge.

Thanks to the Kenda puncture-absorption all-terrain tyre, ultra-comfortable Velo saddle and Suntour/Zoom full suspension, bumpy roads are smoothed out for a comfortable ride.

Wanting to get more exercise and sweat it out? Simply turn off the pedal assist through the display and cycle using 9 speed Shimano gears. When you are tired and want to take a break, go fully electric with the throttle and enjoy the automatic drive.

A free phone holder is included for you which means you can access mapping and navigation apps. Vivid have also added an integrated USB charger to their Bafang electric bike so you can keep your mobile devices charged up while on the go.

Safety is the priority.

Vivid says that safety is always the top priority for their riders and so the Bafang electric bike has an integrated lighting system which makes your ride safer and more convenient at night. The German-engineered light guarantees you a clear view and good visibility without annoying oncoming traffic. There is also a laser tail light included in the price which again gives you good visibility in traffic.

Vivid’s Bafang Electric bike is equipped with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with power cutoff function for your safety. The moment you pull the brake lever, the motor is cut off instantly so the bike always stays in control. It also provides powerful and reliable braking power and consistent modulation under all weather conditions.

Need to park your bike and worried about thieves stealing your bike’s battery? Vivid have forseen this issue and the battery comes with an in-built key-lock and they also  include a secure coded lock as an accessory to protect your Bafang electric bike.


Vivid tell us that they compared and tested some hundreds of different components and accessories before finalizing their current Vivid models, even updating their specification 6 times in the last two years before they were finally satisfied with the combination of quality and price. We are told that the Monsoon model will retail for $999 or about £780.

Mark Lu of Vivid also told us “We have also streamlined our supply chain and optimized the manufacturing process to make our amazing prices possible.

 “A good e-bike simply should not be that expensive.”

As mentioned above, Vivid include a free package of accessories for their clients including a laser tail light, a phone holder, as well as a tool set.

This Bafang Electric Bike from Vivid launches this week on Indiegogo.

Tech Specs

 Bafang Motor

  • Reputable Bafang brushless rear/mid hub motor
  • Power rating of 250W/350W
  • Silent yet serious performance with up to 80 N.m torque

Samsung Battery

  • Samsung high-quality lithium-ion battery
  • 48V/7.8Ah (375Wh) for Moonsoon offers 30-40 miles of assisted travel
  • 48V/10.2Ah (490Wh) for Spectre offers 40-50 miles of assisted travel
  • Easily removable with key lock
  • *Range estimates are contingent upon total weight, cadence, riding style, wind and terrain condition.

Bafang Display

  • Bafang high-contrast DP C10. UART backlit LCD Display
  • Delivers important data including speed, mode, battery life etc.
  • 6 speeds from 0 (no assist) to 5(full assist)
  • Configurable with advanced personalised settings
  • Water and dust proof
  • Built-in USB charger

 Aluminum Frame

  • 4 colors available
  • 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Hydraulic Disc Brake

  • Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake HD-E350
  • Power cutoff – a must for your safety
  • Strong and consistent braking power
  • Dual piston and sensor controlled

 Full Suspension

  • Suntour XCT/XCR fork
  • Air spring with manual lockout
  • Zoom integrated seat suspension SPS-C372/EN-C
  • Built to handle all kinds of adventures


  • 26*1.95 Kenda All-terrain Tyre
  • Extra traction for off-road riding



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