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An exhibitor at the recent Berlin bike show had bamboo bikes on display, with a range of models for both men and women riders. The bikes frames are made from sustainable stocks of Ghanaian bamboo and then assembled in the North German city of Kiel. The bamboo poles are wrapped at their ends and coated with resin. After drying and painting, there is an excellent bond. Bamboo is well-known for how fast it grows, so the company claims it makes great environmental sense to use it for this purpose. It also absorbs an above average amount of CO2.

The bikes not only look unique, but there’s a social background to My-Boo’s activities. Every bike frame produced is providing employment in Ghana and giving a growing number of people an income. The local company also uses some of its proceeds in social projects such as micro-credits and school grants. My-Boo now has a dealer network in Germany as well as some dealers in Switzerland and Sweden and each of the bikes sold carries a donation to help finance school places as well as fund the library there.

The top of the range men’s model is the Afram, which comes in frame sizes of 48, 52, 55, 58 and 61 and has aluminium forks, Shimano Deore disk brakes, Shimano Nexus chain, and Shimano Alfine 8 speed. It has a Brooks saddle and Brooks Plump Leather dark tan grips. The retail price is €2490 and you can add a bundle for €380 which comprises Alfine hub dynamo, light, bell, wooden mudguards, bike stand and luggage rack. The frame on its own weighs around 3 kg and the bike complete comes in at 14kg.

my biaThe ladies’ equivalent is called “My Nasia” and comes with similar specification & price in the same frame sizes.

The 9-speed Shimano Deore equipped ladies’ bike “My Bia” (on the left) weighs 13 kg and is pricedat €1980.

For more information on My-Boo bikes, visit their German language website using Google Chrome to translate at

If our word “carbon” comes from the Latin “carbo” (meaning coal or charcoal), does that make a bamboo bike a pre-cursor of a carbon-fibre bike?


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