Bangkok’s Record Bike Lane


Another step towards the global creation of dedicated bike lanes and safe cycling infrastructure has just been taken with the Thai government’s announcement of a stunning 184.8 km bike lane, which will be the longest in Asia, crossing 5 provinces.

As reported in the Bangkok Post by journalist Amonrat Mahitthirook, the lane will be made of a rubber and asphalt combination to provide comfortable riding and cost 1.5 billion baht, around £27 million, and should be ready for use by 2017. The Transport Secretary Sothip Traisuth said that the bike lane is a tribute to the Thai King on his 88th birthday this year and is part of the Thai governments “Return Happiness to Thais” program, which aims to promote cycling as a way to maintain health and cultivate a love of exercise.

With the route passing several tourist hotspots and historical sites including Bang Pa-in palace, it is expected that this route will be a great attraction for cycling tourism.

In a lesson that could and should be adopted by government here, the Thai government is keen to construct bike routes nationwide and to improve cycling infrastructure to promote cycling and walking over motorised travel. The ministry of Tourism and Sports is responsible for raising funds to construct a planned total of 3000 km of bike lanes throughout Thailand.

Are you listening Westminster?



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