Barcelona’s €32m Bike Lane Spend


Hot on the heels of Lisbon’s announcement comes news from across the Iberian peninsula that Barcelona is going to invest a further €32 million in their cycling infrastructure.

Like many towns and cities that have added some bike lanes, Barcelona has been criticised for a lack of continuity within their existing network, so the municipality is aiming for a “complete and coherent” network and already have completed 4 lanes this year with work underway to complete 5 additional new routes, with a further fourteen expected to be completed before the end of the year, expanding the existing 116 km of bike routes.

116km will grow to 308km by 2018: a 165% increase!

Putting things in perspective, their plan will see 95% of the population living no more than 300m from a bike lane. The majority of the routes are on existing road surfaces, removing space from motorised traffic to the gain of the cycling community.

As another key component, the city also plans to increase the amount of dedicated cycle parking to 30,000 bike spaces. There has also been investment in 25 electric mopeds to reduce pollution in the city, where the fleet will grow to 109 by 2019. Each one covers about 10,000 km per year, meaning a reduction of 1.09 tonnes of CO2 emissions per vehicle, along with noise reduction. 40% of Barcelona’s vehicle fleet is now electric and their bike share scheme currently has an ongoing pilot scheme for their servicing to be carried out on e-bikes.

As the councillor responsible for Mobility, Mercedes Vidal, has pointed out “the bicycle is the means of transport which is growing most in the city, with 6% and 7% annual increases” so the city council is following that demand, backing sustainable mobility. Hand in hand with the bike lanes and parking are measures to create traffic calming, adding 30 km/h zones and superblocks, which make walking and cycling more attractive than driving.

Barcelona also publish a Cycle Lane Design Manual that makes interesting reading.


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