Berliner Fahrradschau 2016


Last Friday to Sunday, the quirky “Berliner Fahrradschau” (Berlin Bike Show) took place for the 7th time, with an evening session on the Friday from 6pm through to 11pm, followed by 10 am to 7pm on Saturday and slightly shorter on Sunday from 10 to 6pm. The show tied in with Berlin’s Bike Week with a load of events, from a bike-yoga session, to a 2 hour e-bike ride of some of the route of the former Berlin wall, and a cargo-bike race.

This year the show had 6 different themed areas, called

  • Ambition was the area for sports cycling, with offers for road cycling, triathlon, cyclocross, track, fixed, BMX or one of the variations of mountain biking – from entry level to the high end machines.
  • Urban Lifestyle, described as the area to visit for timelessly beautiful city bikes, modern urban rides, innovative wheel concepts as well as practical cargo bikes and high quality bikes for children. It is also the place find practical tools and accessories
  • Handmade: the section was sponsored this year by Campagnolo. Some interesting newcomers in this area.
  • Travel & Tour: bike travel companies offering bike travel destinations and tours, with offers for multi-day tours to almost global exploration.
  • Velo Couture: I’m a poor judge to recognise if the claim of “Trendsetting designer fashion in bike wear” is a valid one!
  • E-Mobility with known brands as well as smaller companies, with the ongoing innovations in this area, along with bike apps. Several E-Cargobikes were included.

Over the coming days, we will feature a number of the things which caught the eye, admittedly on a very subjective basis.



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