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Pick a balance bike for children about to learn to ride a bike. They can learn balance first and then add pedaling. I have seen with several grandchildren how this approach works better than having the traditional balance wheels.

If you opt to go down the balance bike route, then here’s another tip for you. It’s a really international solution, starting with two super-keen cyclists from the Netherlands who have used their extensive knowledge to design an exciting new generation of Danish-made balance bike that performs four functions in one – and which is now available in good time for Christmas from Hippychick.

It’s described as a four in one balance bike because of the way that it transitions as your child grows older.

The first stage is for children as early as 12 months where this stylish, wooden TryBike with the three-wheel option acts as a walker, offering a safe and sturdy support to toddlers taking their first, tentative steps.

This revolutionary piece of kit will then adapt, with the simple turn of a spanner, to offer three further options for a child, as they develop in both age and confidence.

The Trybike as a balance bike

From a walking aid, the bike transforms into a low bicycle and can be used as a balance bike to help your child to master the art of balance, without pedals.

When your child no longer needs to have their feet so close to the ground, a further adjustment will raise the height of the bicycle.

For those who want to get around and simply have some fun, the TryBike can also function as a high tricycle which is suitable for use by children up to the age of 6.

TryBike is more than just a balance bike. It’s an investment for the future that offers endless play opportunities for children up to six years as well as a revolutionary idea that will help foster a love of cycling for a lifetime.

The TryBike retails at £159.99 and comes with full, easy to follow manual assembly instructions.

TryBike is made from durable weatherproof marine birch plywood and has 12-inch spoked steel wheels and extra wide rubber inflatable tyres.

Also available is the steel TryBike which converts from a tricycle into a bicycle.  These beautifully crafted bikes are the kind of gift you dreamed of having as a child and are available in silver, as well as vintage blue and green.  This model is priced at £129.99.



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