Bicycle Touring Celebrated at ITB Berlin


The ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) and ADFC (German National Cyclists’ Association), the largest cyclists’ organisation in Germany, are jointly launching the first-ever Bicycle Touring Day within the framework of the 13th Pow-Wow for Tourism Professionals and the 15th anniversary of Hall 4.1b at the ITB Berlin, the world’s leading travel trade show.

“This is the first time that ITB Berlin is to host the Cycle Tourism Day, aiming to support socially-responsible and sustainable tourism and cycling. We are very pleased to welcome all cycling specialists and leaders on 9 March at ITB Berlin – Hall 4.1b, both at the Big Stage and the Adventure Stage of this hall” said Mariana McGill, Official Partner Consultant, ITB Berlin – Hall 4.1b and Pow-Wow for Tourism Professionals

Bicycle Touring Contributes over €44 billion annually

As a sustainable form of travelling, cycling is a significant source of financial, economic, health and mobility benefits for tourism. Bicycles are increasingly becoming an important resource of the European tourism industry. For example, bicycle touring contributes an impressive 12% to the overall tourism value creation in Germany. According to a study commissioned by the European Parliament, “bicycle touring contributes over €44 billion to the European economy annually.”

On the occasion of the recent 200th anniversary of the bicycle’s invention (1817), the opening session will bring together leading experts from the cycling and tourism sector to discuss best practices and future cycling-industry challenges.

The interactive presentations will highlight the benefits of bicycle touring for tourism destinations with expert speakers from the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO); Eduardo Santander, Executive Director, European Travel Commission (ETC); and Ádám Bodor, Advocacy and EuroVelo Director, European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF). The German recipe for success in biking tourism will be presented by Louise Böhler, Head of Tourism at the German National Cyclists’ Association (ADFC) and Kathleen Lumma, Director at Kooperation “Deutschlands schönste Flussradwege“.

After the opening session, the focus will switch to case studies of successful bicycle touring and tourism products in a series of interactive workshops. The sessions will showcase successful cycle-tourism products at the European, national and regional levels with practical advice and best practices to attract cycle tourists. Topics will range from how to establish a cycle-tourism product to the more innovative tourism-marketing tools to the economic impact of cycle touring for regions.

On the occasion of the Cycle Tourism Day, the EuroVelo Cycle Tourism Awards will also be launched at the ITB Berlin, showcasing the 15 EuroVelo cycling routes as an economic, environmental, social and sustainable means of travel. These routes foster the quality improvement of cycling infrastructure and services in all participating European countries and encourage the exchange of experience and best practices between European states and regions.

The winners of the 2018 EuroVelo Cycle Tourism Awards will be unveiled during the Conference.


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