Bike GPS – Lights – Camera – Action!


Bike handlebars don’t have a lot of spare space, so welcome the Refactor bike GPS with built in HD camera and LED light: three popular features in one device.

Perceiving a high price and lack of functionality of mainstream cycling GPS devices and frustrated by the lack of function and integration of technology of cycling GPS devices, J. Kevin Crowell, a software programmer for 19 years and an avid cyclist, set out to create a better bike GPS with additional features – something that he himself would want to use – and launched Refactor Fitness.

“Our whole name, Refactor Fitness, reflects the fact that we don’t see the hardware as the final product.  We’ve developed enough technology with our hardware that we can enable our software to do things people haven’t experienced before with a cycling GPS,” Crowell said.

“We are trying to make it easier for people to enjoy technology on their ride. Safety is also a big priority, and with lights so that cars can see you, a camera so that you can record the cars, and accident detection, we’re looking to keep people safe on the roads. We are doing things with hardware and sensors that  no one has attempted before in a bike GPS.”

Much More than “just” a Bike GPS

The Refactor Fitness RF-1 GPS provides cyclists with a multitude of essential cycling features all in a single device. Utilizing the Android 7.0 operating system that allows for a fast, responsive and fully customizable interface, the Refactor RF-1 incorporates a front-facing HD 1080p camera recording at 30fps with a dash cam function that continuously captures the last 20 minutes of a ride. Dual ultra-efficient LED headlamps allow for cyclists to see their paths clearly while allowing drivers and pedestrians to see them from a distance. All of these features – never before contained in one system –  are augmented by a sunlight visible screen, a completely waterproof system, and high capacity 3000 mAh battery that gives the Refactor RF-1 a 12-hour battery life.

Features of the Refactor Fitness RF-1 Bike GPS:

  • Advanced GPS Maps: Better GPS mapping functionality than standard cycling computers with pinch to zoom multitouch.
  • HD Camera: 1080p Camera that records at 30fps with an alternate function to record at 720p at 60fps.
  • Dash Cam Mode: Alternate camera mode that continuously records the last 20 minutes of your ride to ensure nothing is ever missed while saving space.
  • Android 7.0 Software: Responsive software with fast, detailed maps, continuous video recording, assignable buttons and screen areas, accident notification and third-party upload integration (with more partners coming soon).
  • Dual 60 Lumen (120 total) Ultra-Efficient LEDs: High power ultra-efficient LED lights that illuminate the way for cyclists while allowing drivers and others to see them from a distance.
  • More Than 12 Hours Of Battery Life: A high-capacity 3000 mAh battery provides the RF-1 with more than 12 hours of continuous function, and the ability to connect an external battery to charge while you ride.
  • IP67 Waterproof: Don’t worry about the RF-1 getting damaged when your bike journey is interrupted by some rain, as it features a waterproof exterior.
  • 3.0” Full-Color LCD Sunlight Visible Screen: A sunlight visible screen ensures that you never have to worry about missing a turn because of glare.
  • 32GB Of Storage: 32GBs of flash storage provides all the room you’ll need to record rides, download directions and more.
  • ANT+ And BTLE: Connect any ANT+ or BTLE sensors to the RF-1 system to display your heart rate, cadence, speed, and power.
  • 1.2 GHz quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM: A 1.2 GHz processor with 2GB of ram lets you access anything and everything with ease.

Refactor Fitness has launched a Kickstarter campaign, to spread awareness about their bike GPS system among cyclists and the investment community.

The good news is that the early price is just $289 or around £215. The bad news is that the early production note on Kickstarter says these early bird units will ship to the USA only.


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