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Just over a year ago, I made a mistake at the Prudential RideLondon event.

There was a whole load of “bike bling” and I wondered (fortunately, quietly to myself) who would want to decorate their bike with that stuff? I am glad I was quiet as I would have egg on my face – the stickers and gizmos were extremely popular with children.

I have just seen that there is an addition to what can be added to your bike, by way of some reflective shapes called Bike Pins that you can fasten to all sorts of parts of your bike. This time, I’m not going to ask “who would want THOSE on their bike?” as I can imagine that there is quite a number of people – just a bit younger than I am – who would be shouting “Me!”

bikepin set

Bike Pins come in a range of 12 different designs from a Sofia, Bulgaria, company with the lovely name of Intergalactic Bike Force and cost $12 including postage and the kickstarter programme is live now.

Fulfilment is not expected till February 2017 so don’t expect them for Christmas.


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