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There are always times when you need to carry things on your bike, whether it be shopping, a lap top, bag or whatever. But you want it to be secure so it’s still there when you return to your bike. What do you do?

The traditional answer was of course the basket on the front of the bike, but basket weave may not be quite your thing. You want something more stylish and urban rather than country cottage, something that would look at home on your swish single speed. Here’s an answer.

Danish company Copenhagen Parts have designed a basket which is integrated into the handlebar, so the security issue is solved straight away. It is easy to fit and both strong and light weight, and it looks the part. You can choose from silver or black.

It is made from heat-treated alloy tubing and rod and attaches to the stem easily, installing like any other handle bar, and can be attached to any bike using a two part stem (A-head stem). The tube walls are 2.5mm thick, the grip diameter is 22.2mm and the clamp diameter is 25.4mm. Use 25.4 to 26.0 or 25.4 to 31.8 stainless steel shims. The total weight is 1638g.

Copenhagen Parts will ship direct to you here in the UK as they do not yet have distribution here. You can buy for €139 online.


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