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2.5 billion people aroundthe world cycle and none of them look forward to getting on a bike with a wet saddle. That’s the assumption by Luis Quintero in Rotterdam, who has designed a fold up bike saddle cover that stows in a small pouch – much like the fold up shopping bags you can carry in your pocket, handbag or wherever.

The difference is that Luis’ design is not a bag but saddle shaped, so you can pop it over your saddle while your bike is parked for shopping etc. There are other bike saddle covers around, but Luis felt that either the quality or the durability were not up to scratch.

Another feature is that the storage pouch is attached to a plastic carabiner, so that you can either clip the pouch – and the saddle cover – to your bike, or a rucksack, etc, or – Luis suggests – use it as your key chain.

The product has reached its funding target on kickstarter and should be shipping in March. There are several days left to get in an early bird order and get yourself a deal. The product comes in a choice of 3 colours.


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