Bike Seat Lock from Seatylock


Seatylock have come out with several innovative bike locks in the past few years, starting with a bike seat lock where the saddle and the seat post formed a flexible lock. Apart from anything else, a bike with no saddle in place was a great barrier to a would-be thief.

This innovative bike seat lock was followed last year with the foldylock made of six hardened steel links with a reinforced military-grade UV treated polymer moulding over the top. Unlike the earlier bike seat lock, the foldylock did what its name says: it folds into a compact unit, which could be mounted on the bike’s frame or carried in a bag. It could possibly go in a pocket, but I have found the weight of just over 1kg to be a bit much for a cycling jersey pocket.

Now Seatylock return with another bike seat lock. This one has a gel saddle for the comfort of urban cyclists and riders of e-bikes.

Founder Ilan Mor explained that “after meeting with many seatylock customers and urban riders we better understand their needs and their pains. We have discovered a gap in the market and we feel we have managed to fill it with this newly designed Seatylock GEL bike seat lock”.

Seatylock introduce their Gel saddle bike seat lock

The saddle is a wide structured seat, combined with orthopedic medium-density foam and integrated with two special compound Gel pads. From Ilan’s description, this should be a reasonably comfortable ride.

Once again, this seatylock model doubles as a bike saddle and a bike seat lock, all in one. Basically, it’s a sturdy, folding bike lock featuring a unique structure that forms a seat. It connects to the bicycle’s seat post with a special universal adaptor. When mounted on top of the seat post it functions like a regular bike seat. Following a few easy steps, the Seatylock unfolds and turns into a 1 meter long lock. This enables easy locking of the frame and wheel to an external fixed object.

The Seatylock Gel bike seat lock is available on Kickstarter from tomorrow, January 23rd. Having successfully run crowdfunding campaigns before and with a funding target of just $10,000, it is highly probable this will go ahead.


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