Bike Seat Post with a Twist


3T Cycling has a lightweight universal seat post with a twist: it’s two seat posts in one. The two clever, reversible saddle rail clamps transform the post from zero saddle setback to 25 mm setback. All that’s needed is to flip the clamps from one side of the seat post head to the other and the offset changes.

No more problems with getting the wrong seat post or needing another one when you change the type of saddle you use – it now takes 30 seconds to transform your seat post. And the best news is that despite the double functionality, the Zero25 is just 203g for the 27.2mm diameter version, even lighter than their previous seat post.

Zero25 can handle any type of seatpost rails, from round to all oval shaped carbon rails.

Zero25 has a carbon fibre shaft, with the head material being Al-Alloy, and the bolts are stainless steel in zinc black. Choose between the two diameters, 27.2 mm and 31.6 mm, both are in one standard length of 350 mm.


Bike Seat Post with a Twist


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