Bike Trailer Burley Coho XC


Inventor of the child’s bike trailer Burley is launching a single wheel Bike Trailer at this year’s Eurobike Exhibition.

They showed their first single wheel trailer at last year’s event as a concept and have now finalised the design and the accessories.

As would be expected from Burley they have some well thought out innovations and features in their first single wheel bike trailer, which has a particularly wide fork that will fit a wide range of bikes, accommodating 126 – 197mm. Burley also provide their Burley Ballz™ skewer for bikes with 12mm rear axles in a variety of lengths and thread sizes: these allow the trailer to be simply clipped into place.

Uncoupling the bike trailer is a single handed job, as one lever operates both locking cams and no tools are required. The trailer can be folded for storage and to reduce space requirements if being transported.

The bike trailer accommodates three tyre sizes with 16” x 2.125 off-road tyres being the default but 16” x 3” and 16” x 1.75” road tyres are available as options.

The trailer’s frame has integrated fixing points so you can mount bottle cages, air pumps and other accessories.

The bike trailer has suspension which lessens the structural tensions and helps to provide a smooth ride even on uneven terrain.

The side walls of the bike trailer can be taken off making it possible to both load and unload quickly and easily with or without the Dry Bag, which has a roll top and 75 litre capacity. Along with the dry bag, you can also add the Coho pannier rack which allows you to clip on Burley’s Coho roll top 22 litre waterproof panniers – or third party panniers that will fit on to a 10mm rack bar. To complete the accessory set, there is also an elastic bungee net.

When you have finished your ride for the day, the Burley Coho Bike Trailer comes with a double kickstand to make it easy to park. And if towing this trailer and all your gear has been thirsty work, the flag socket also doubles as a bottle opener – probably my favourite feature on this bike trailer!



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