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Want to add some weight to your bike? Of course not. So, would you like to remove some weight from your bike? Then, if you are really cool, you probably don’t have plastic reflectors attached to your spokes … But you’d still like good bike visibility – to be seen on the roads, right?

Some news just came in that had me looking for an article on SpyCycle: turned out it was back in April 2016 that we wrote about Flectr, after discovering this neat little invention and backing it on Kickstarter. They were incredibly lightweight spoke reflectors and they have been on my touring bike ever since. Understandably they won several awards, including at Eurobike 2017.

Enhanced Bike Visibility

Now the same guys have come up with a neat variation, which may be even less wind resistant and with a weight of 0.8 grams, it isn’t going to have a massive weight effect putting 4 on each wheel. This version of Flectr gives pretty much 360° visibility at night and there are different versions for wheel rim depths of 20-34mm.

Interestingly, it is the arched profile of modern bike rims that offer the perfect base for an adhesive wide-angle reflector as there are multiple planes for reflection. The two-piece Flectr 360 wraps around the rim from both sides and overlaps onto the rim vertex, which results in a gap-free reflection and a strong beam of light radiating into any direction to ultimately increase the cyclist’s safety.

There’s no doubt that the product will be funded on Kickstarter as they are already at 6.5 times their funding target with 29 days to go (until December 30th).

FLECTR 360 consists of a highly formable reflective film and a customized adhesive that bonds properly with every rim material and shape – whether round, square or V-shaped, without wrinkling or peeling-off. The razor-thin, robust material was tested under the toughest environmental conditions for more than one year. FLECTR 360 is immune to dirt and environmental influences. Hit by any source of light thousands of metalized cube-corner prisms ensure highest possible reflection for excellent bike visibility.

Like their predecessor, the Flectr 0, they don’t just reflect, but the movement as your bike wheels rotate make your bike more visible to motorists: rotating, pulsing and moving lights grab attention.

They look fast and simple to fit. After cleaning the mounting area from dust and grease FLECTR 360 just has to be pressed onto the rim surface at room temperature. Tool-free and self-adhering. Dismantling without any damage to the rim is possible even after years of usage.

FLECTR 360 /// NIGHT VIEW from Outsider Team on Vimeo.

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