Bikes with Indicators


Bikes with Indicators? Want indicators on your bike? Here’s another attempt to persuade you to go this route.

We have seen helmets  with indicators and lights incorporating indicators, such as those from Beakor.

We also reviewed an indicator recently incorporated into a hand-worn mirror.

Bike Mirror Indicator

Just started on Indiegogo with a “concept” rather than attempt to get final product funding, German company Zarathustra E-Bikes has bar ends which can be turned into “ox eye blinkers”, which apparently used to feature on classic motorbikes.

There is also a brake light function which could be deemed useful. Both indicators can be switched at the same time as well to emulate the hazard warning lights of a motor vehicle; I struggle to think when I would use that on my bike though.

The bar ends also include leather grips and the lights are “thumb operated”, though I am guessing that you would want to use your little finger to reach the end of the handle bar to switch the indicator light on or off.

Is this going to find commercial success when several personal choices are going to be taken from you. The illustrations are all, for example, of straight handle bars. Not only would this appear to rule out drops but on my touring bike I have ergonomic grips for changes of hand position and would not move away from that option.

One of the features claimed is the easy removal for theft prevention. This would again decide me against the product as it’s already enough to have to lock the bike and remove Garmin and lights without this additional task.

The lights come with an Android and iOS app for control.

The early bird price is US$71, which is around £61, plus postage costs from Germany. The retail is likely to climb to $199 or about £170 which would appear to me to be another barrier.



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