10 Reasons for Biking for Transportation


As global warming takes shape, it is in our own interests to take measures to save our planet, as well as our finances. Biking for transportation is one way to accomplish both and also keep fit and healthy.

We all know the merits of biking as a way to keep fit or as a hobby. But have you ever considered how cool it would be to use bicycles, rather than cars, for your basic transportation needs? Indeed, there are lots of potential benefits you stand to gain from biking for transportation whether physically, financially and even mentally.

  1.    Significantly Reduces Your Transport Costs

Let’s face it, the daily commute to and from work, as well as trips to the grocery store, are quite costly in the long term. Matter of fact, the average American spends about 16% of their income on transport expenses, which are ever increasing, and we can assume these costs are at least the same here in Europe. Biking for tranportation to & from work costs you absolutely nothing but a few hundred calories!

  1.    Cycling is Lots of Fun
Increase the fun of biking for transportation by biking with a friend

Going on cycling trips with your friends is a great way to bond and spend time with each other and is also a fun and exciting outdoor activity to engage in.

We all could do with some adrenaline rush once in a while.



  1.   Saves Precious Time

If you live in a major city such as London or Manchester, biking for transporation on shorter trips helps you avoid the traffic menace and get to your destination earlier. The same applies to towns across the country.

  1.    Helps Save the Planet

Motor vehicles use fuels to power their engines and these fuels emit toxic gases into the atmosphere after combustion. Biking for transportation reduces the demand for fuel, leads to reduced emissions and subsequently helps save the planet earth, our only home.

  1.    Benefits to Your Health

Briskly cycling for an hour or so burns between 500 to 600 calories and doing so daily keeps away obesity and many other lifestyle diseases.

  1.    Bicycles Are More Affordable than Vehicles

The costs of buying a car or motorcycle, coupled with insurance payments, is in the thousands. You can get a decent bicycle for a fraction of that price and adding some cycling accessories and gear gives you all-weather transportation as well.

  1.    Reduces Your Car’s Wear and Tear

Using a bicycle to run errands minimises the maintenance costs of your primary vehicle and keeps it in top shape.

  1.    Mass Adoption of Biking for Transportation Decreases Road Wear

If we all started cycling, instead of always driving, we could save millions in road repair and maintenance costs as bicycles are less rough on roads compared to vehicles.

  1.    Bikes Are Way Cheaper to Maintain
Bikes are cheaper to maintain
Bikes are cheaper to maintain

Bikes don’t require mechanical servicing like cars and neither do you have to pay for insurance coverage.

While they still need some servicing, you can learn to do it yourself, saving some cash in the process.


  1.  Bicycles Are an Affordable Alternative to Those Who Can’t Afford to Drive

We live in perpetually tricky economic times where only a select few can afford to buy and maintain cars. Bikes are relatively more affordable (you can find decent models from £30) and are a far much better alternative to driving than walking.


And there goes our brief ‘pitch’ to you on why you should try biking for transportation to get to work or run your errands. So, get your cycling clothing and footwear on and let’s go. It’s fun, healthy, cheap and good for the environment!

Opinions, questions and critiques are welcome as always!

About the author: Catherine Wiley is an expert in writing about cycling and kayaking. She is a traveller by day and blogger by night. Catherine is currently working on her main project GearExpertGuides


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