Biking Helmet Enters Apple Stores


The Lumos biking helmet combining lights, turn signals and brake lights hits the big time by being stocked in Apple stores due to its integration with the Apple Watch app, thanks to smart gesture recognition.

This is a first in cycling, getting gesture recognition technology on to the market in this way. The technology enhances a cyclist’s safety by fitting around their normal behaviour, recognising when the user makes a hand signal and switching on the corresponding turn signals on the intelligent bike helmet without needing to activate the handle bar located remote switch.

The Lumos biking helmet now has enhanced Bluetooth connectivity to the iPhone. The Lumos app has been upgraded to also integrate with Apple Health and Strava, providing another way in which ride activity can be recorded automatically whenever they ride. (And if you’re an Android phone owner, we hear rumours of an Android app in the pipeline.)

One beta tester who tried the feature out in San Francisco for a day said “I’ve never seen the Apple Watch used in this way before.  It’s a really cool feature, and it works surprisingly well.”

Biking Helmet in Apple Stores

To highlight and display these innovative integrations with the Apple ecosystem, Apple Retail is launching the Lumos Biking Helmet into 300 Apple Store locations across Europe and the USA, making it the first time that a biking helmet of any kind has been sold at the Apple Store.

Eu-wen Ding, Lumos Helmet’s CEO enthused “I am tremendously excited about this new feature and how it will further enhance cycling safety. As a design-centred company, we’re thrilled to be able to launch this with Apple. Having got our idea on Kickstarter, this is a huge moment for us!”

Lumos biking helmet has front & rear LED lights, plus turn & brake lights

Lumos went on to Kickstarter trying to raise $125,000 for their smart biking helmet and got 6,072 backers who collectively pledged $809,551. The helmet was selling prior to the launch with Apple for £149.99 in the UK. This is substantially less than the Classon cycling helmet, which also got funded (on Indiegogo) which has not yet made it into production and was anticipated to retail for $299, or about £215. This also has gesture control operated turn lights and motion activated brake lights but has the advantage of inbuilt front and rear cameras and warnings of vehicles in the cyclist’s blind spots. Nevertheless, they are going to have to play catch-up if they want to compete with the Lumos biking helmet.



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