Built in Car Bike Rack – Toyota Concept Car


We don’t usually report on car developments, but something came through that shows that one car manufacturer is aware that cyclists are often car users and have a need for a car bike rack to transport their bikes.

The “Future Toyota Adventure Concept” or “FT-AC” is being exhibited at the Los Angeles “Auto” Show taking place now.

While many of us associate Los Angeles as one of the car capitals of the world, Toyota point out that many of the residents of California escape to the hills, deserts, and beaches for outdoor pursuits, so this concept vehicle has not only safari-style roof racks but also at the rear there is an innovative integrated car bike rack that retracts, making for a highly useful feature that can be securely hidden in only a few seconds.

The car’s fog lights can also be popped out of their pods and attached (I’m uncertain how!) to a mountain bike for night rides. And LED marker lights at the front corner can be used for ambient lighting around the vehicle as you prepare to leave or return to the vehicle.

At the moment this is a concept vehicle but it shows some bike-oriented thinking as well as the natural car orientation of a vehicle manufacturer. Being Toyota, the FT-AC is illustrated as one of Toyota’s many hybrids using petrol and battery electric power.

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