Calling All Cyclists


Aldeburgh Music and Suffolk Coastal District Council are offering anyone with a bicyle the opportunity to cycle the last 1km of Stage 1 of the Women’s Tour into Aldeburgh on Wednesday 17th June ahead of the Elite women riders.

In return for this fantastic opportunity, you will be required to take part in the Einse Brise for 111 cyclists. The Einse Brise is a musical piece using bike bells, whistles and noises. You will need a bicycle, a helmet, ideally a bell on your bike (we can provide this if required) and be up for some fun. You’ll also need to be able to cycle 1 km comfortably. The performance takes place near the Moot Hall at Market Cross Place, Aldeburgh, IP15 5BJ.

Instructions and a rehearsal will take place in the morning of the race and then you will perform approximately an hour before they are due. We will cordon off an area for you to go so you have a good vantage point of the race for when the women come in.

You can register free online.


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