Camelbak Unbottle – Hydration for Cyclists


In some ways, with cold weather coming, it seems odd to talk about “hydration”.

But then, the people at Camelbak point out, that we may feel less thirsty because of the ambient temperature, so we drink less, and then we dehydrate. That can lead to cramps, lower energy levels, and increased heart rate.

On my touring bike I have two bottle cages. But in my velomobile, I use a Camelback which I fasten to the seat and then drape the drinking tube over one shoulder, so I can take a sip at regular intervals. (I’d read in an American long distance cycling book that it would be ideal to drink a mouthful of drink every 15 minutes or so.) And there’s a hydration calculator on the Camelbak website, that asks you to select gender, height, weight, type of exercise, duration and intensity of exercise, and how much you sweat, and gives you a recommendation on how much you should drink. My ideal worked out at 0.9 litres per hour for a 2 hour bike ride.

The great thing about the Camelbak is the way that the reservoir sleeves help maintain thetemperature of the liquid.

I guess for a number of people there’s going to be an image issue: swish road bike and all the best lycra may not seem to go with this mini rucksack on your back. But if you want to stay well hydrated, there’s a time and place for these products.


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