Canyon Cyber Attack Reported


Canyon Bikes have reported that they were hit by a cyber attack late in 2019.

The Koblenz, Germany, based company was the target of a massive criminal cyber attack. They have commented that this was perpetrated by a professionally organised group that specialise in attacking companies. The perpetrators succeeded in gaining access to Canyon’s IT systems. Software and servers were encrypted and thus locked in places. The website was not affected: Orders via the web shop could and continue to be placed as usual. Meanwhile, the attack has been identified and stopped according to the current state of knowledge.

“The attack shows massive criminal intent,” said Canyon founder and CEO Roman Arnold. “Due to the encryption of our IT infrastructure, work and business processes were temporarily massively affected. Our Koblenz site was directly affected, as were all our international companies with the exception of the US company, as it operates its own IT system. Unfortunately, we expect delays in customer contact and delivery in the next few days. We are making every effort to keep the impact on our customers and fans as low as possible and to get back to normal operations as quickly as possible,” Roman Arnold continued. “We regret this incident very much and apologise that Canyon is currently not able to offer its usual standard of service.”

Immediately after the cyber attack became known, Canyon informed the responsible authorities. Canyon has been working closely with the Koblenz criminal investigation department and the state criminal investigation department since the date of the attack. In addition, Canyon has informed the state commissioner for data protection in Rhineland-Palatinate. Criminal charges will be filed against the perpetrators. Experts from the fields of IT, forensics and cyber security were able to quickly analyse and control the attack and have already initiated solutions and countermeasures.

The company started life in the garage of founder Roman Arnold as Radsport Arnold (Arnold Sports Cycling) and was renamed in 2002. The company now works hand-in-hand with some of the world’s top pro-cyclists and supplies several major teams. Canyon continues to expand worldwide, selling more bikes outside of its native Germany than within since 2008.


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