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Bikes - Conventional Bikes and Less Conventional Bikes from Around the World. Details Brought to You by SpyCycle Bike and Cycling News. Not just the speed machines of Pro Riders, but Bikes for Everyday use, Cargobikes, Folding Bikes, Touring Bikes and anything else on 1, 2, 3 and very occasionally 4 wheels, as long as they are pedal-powered possibly with electric assist as E-Bikes.

adventure road bicycle

What are adventure road bikes?

Recently more and more people started to purchase adventure road bikes. But what are these and what exactly can you expect from them? Here you can find some information about this new bike category...
Recumbent Bikes are Hugely Comfortable to ride

Are Recumbent Bikes suitable for everyone or they are good mostly for seniors?

If you go online and want to find a good bike for you, then you will notice that  Recumbent Bikes are super popular right now. A lot of people like them because you get...
Bike accessories

What bike accessories should you buy?

Riding a bicycle is amazing and it offers a great sense of freedom. That being said, finding the right bike accessories is just as important. With that in mind, we created a list with...
Tips for Choosing a New Bike

How much should you spend on a New Bike?

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to cycling or if you are an expert, it’s always wonderful to get a new bike. That being said, finding the right price range is very important. It...
Should you buy a new or a used bike?

Should you get a used bike or a new one?

One of the toughest things for someone that wants to buy a bicycle is whether you need to opt for a new or used bike. Finding the right model for you will take a...
used bikes market

How can you buy a used bike?

So, you decided to go with a used bike? This is a great idea, as it will help you save a lot of money in the long run. That being said, you have to...
Vivid launch Bafang Electric Bike

Vivid Launch Bafang Electric Bike

Vivid has launched a Bafang Electric Bike aimed at letting everyone experience the joy of riding a good e-bike as a lifestyle product which is both green and convenient but pitched at a very...
Yerka anti bike theft bike [Image: Yerka]

Anti Bike Theft Bike

Some good news for the 81,384 people in the UK who had their bike stolen in the year to May 2018: Yerka have an anti bike theft bike and it’s here in Europe. Anybody who...
Custom Paint Bike Frame - Larry Warbasse's Exploro (3T)

Custom Paint Bike Frame

3T bikes are now offering “RTP” frames – Ready to Paint – for those cyclists who want a custom paint bike frame. As the RTP name suggests 3T’s frames are prepared for painting but still...
IKEA SLADDA Bike Recalled

IKEA SLADDA Bike Recalled After Drive Belt Problems

A recall of the IKEA SLADDA Bike has just been announced by the company after they were informed and advised by a well-established component supplier to recall all SLADDA bicycles, due to safety issues...

Big Pedal 2019

SMIDSY Explained