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Bikes - Conventional Bikes and Less Conventional Bikes from Around the World. Details Brought to You by SpyCycle Bike and Cycling News. Not just the speed machines of Pro Riders, but Bikes for Everyday use, Cargobikes, Folding Bikes, Touring Bikes and anything else on 1, 2, 3 and very occasionally 4 wheels, as long as they are pedal-powered possibly with electric assist as E-Bikes.

3T Strada Pro 1x Road Bike Launched

3T Strada Pro 1x Aero Road Bike Launched

3T expand their Strada line-up with the launch of the 3T Strada Pro 1x aero design road bike. Just six months since they started shipping the Strada TEAM, the company feels it is now time...
Vintage Electric Scrambler Off-Road E Bike

Off-Road E Bike Winner from Vintage Electric

What is it about retro looks combined with the latest technology that makes an off-road e bike a winner? Californian Vintage Electric seems to have the answer. They have brought out an update to their...
Electric Fat Bike for Kids Launched by Swagtron

Electric Fat Bike for Kids Launched

Californian manufacturer Swagtron has launched an electric fat bike for kids which is a mountain bike with 20-inch wheels with 4-inch tyres. The 4-inch tyres on the EB-6 are to provide traction in a variety...
Do Not Buy a Pinarello Bike - from this Website!

Do NOT Buy A Pinarello Bike

Do not buy a Pinarello bike, at least from this online site. The old maxim about offers that are too good to be true applies! Complaints are surfacing around the world of some fake online...
The "John Day" Renovo hollow wood frame bicycle

The Hollow Wood Frame Bicycle Moves up a Notch

Portland, Oregon, based Renova has been making a hollow wood frame bicycle since 2008. With a client turned investor, their production has gone up a notch. Beginning as a customer that simply wanted his bike...
Butchers Bike Updated: Compact Cargo Ebike from CERO

Butchers Bike Updated

Archetypal Butchers Bikes are rare on our roads these days, unless chained outside a shop as a display. And then the Butchers Bike gets updated as a compact electric cargo bike. Just over 20 years...
Nireeka Smart Ebike for under $1000 in US

Smart Ebike from Nireeka

Max Shojaie, CEO and Co-Founder of Nireeka bikes, got in touch to tell us about their smart ebike, which happens to be made of carbon, and he claims to be the most affordable ever. Following...
Carbon Fibre Bikes from Silverback

Carbon Fibre Bikes from Silverback

German bike manufacturer Silverback has told us of their latest Scalera Aero carbon fibre bikes with some impressive features. They have made use of wind tunnel simulations to perfect the design of each of their...
Electric Cargo Bike UPS Fort Lauderdale

Electric Cargo Bike for UPS Fort Lauderdale

Just days after we felt sorry for UPS deliverers in Toronto because their cargo bikes had no electric assist, we hear that UPS has launched an electric cargo bike program in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We...
Flexible Down Tube from Altercycle

Flexible Down Tube Bike

Some people would be happy to come up with one revolutionary new bike design, but Mark Groendal, who created the “Slingshot” bike, has done it again: with a Flexible Down Tube for his “flexible...

Big Pedal 2019

SMIDSY Explained