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Bikes - Conventional Bikes and Less Conventional Bikes from Around the World. Details Brought to You by SpyCycle Bike and Cycling News. Not just the speed machines of Pro Riders, but Bikes for Everyday use, Cargobikes, Folding Bikes, Touring Bikes and anything else on 1, 2, 3 and very occasionally 4 wheels, as long as they are pedal-powered possibly with electric assist as E-Bikes.

Stretch Limo Bike

Stretch Limo Bike

As a great believer in the bike as a means of transportation for all types of needs and requirements, I was intrigued to see this bike from Kemper in Erkelenz in Germany, which is...
TryTrike Bee

The Best Recumbent Trike Yet?

If the London Bike Show in January had a single recumbent bike or trike on display, I didn’t see it. The other end of the bell curve was the “Spezi” show in Germersheim, Germany,...

Penny Farthings in Production

Most visitors to a bike show go expecting to see what is new and cool. The arrival of the “Standard Highwheel” at the Berlin Bike Show (or Fahrradmesse) must have struck the archetypal cyclist...
Wooden E-Bike by AceTeam

Wooden E-Bikes

Another Berlin Bike Show exhibitor took a somewhat different approach from Peter Charnaud here in the UK and his woodenbikedotcom hand built wood bikes (covered as a separate story here on CyclingSpy today), and...
Wooden Bikes

Wooden Bikes

Following on from mentioning My-Boo’s bamboo bikes yesterday, here is some information regarding a UK based builder of wooden bikes, built using local trees species. Peter Charnaud builds hand-made bikes, which he exhibited at the...
My-Boo Bamboo Bikes from Ghana

Bamboo Bikes

An exhibitor at the recent Berlin bike show had bamboo bikes on display, with a range of models for both men and women riders. The bikes frames are made from sustainable stocks of Ghanaian...