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SpyCycle Brings You Details of New Cycle Gear from Around the World. This can be Cycle Clothing, Bike Helmets, Bike Lights or Bike Locks and Many Other Things Besides.

Cycling Shoes: EKOÏ Strada Cristal

Cycling Shoes – EKOÏ’s Strada Cristal Range Introduced

EKOÏ has introduced their latest road racing cycling shoes, the Strada Cristal. These new road cycling shoes feature optimal power transfer, breathability, stiffness and comfort...
Smallest Action Cam 4k

Action Cam 4k – the Smallest Yet

Action Cam 4k: The Las Vegas CES show is the venue for the launch of what AEE Aviation Technology is describing as the world’s...
Sundried Bamboo Gloves for Cycling

Sundried Bamboo Gloves for Cycling

Sundried is a relatively new name to me, but the sort you want to support because of their ethical position. So it was good...
Ultra Compact Bike Multitool Fits on Your Keyring

Ultra Compact Bike Multitool

There are some pretty nifty bike multitools out there, but this is an interesting addition to what is available, having 16 different tools, and...
Habanero Chilli Winter Cycling Socks

Winter Cycling Socks – the Habanero Chilli Version

As my German chum Willi keeps quoting “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. Which implies that the winter cycling socks...
Brilliant Bike Visibility Without Weight or Air Resistance

Bike visibility without Weight

Want to add some weight to your bike? Of course not. So, would you like to remove some weight from your bike? Then, if...
Polar Seal Heated Cycling Top for Cold Weather Cycling

Hot Stuff for Cold Weather Cycling

A couple of French brothers who grew up and still live in Hong Kong have merged some trending technologies to really improve cycling conditions...
Mexxenger - Innovative Blend of Design & Technology in a Cycling Messenger Bag

Mexxenger – A Cycling Messenger Bag

Following on from their successful crowdfunded launch of an innovative backpack, the young team of designers that make up PAIX in San Francisco has...
Reflective Bone Stickers for Your Bike

Bones for Your Bone-Shaker

I know that evenings are staying light longer, but there’s still going to be the occasion when you are out on your bike in...
RH+ New Cycling Jersey and Bib Shorts

RH+ New Cycling Jersey and Bib Shorts

rh+ have been producing high-performance sportswear and accessories for over 15 years and have now launched their Hero selection as part of the Spring/Summer...

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