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SpyCycle Brings You Details of New Cycling Gear from Around the World. This can be Cycle Clothing, Bike Helmets, Bike Lights or Bike Locks and Many Other Things Besides.

Bikes with Indicators - Zarathustra's Concept

Bikes with Indicators

Bikes with Indicators? Want indicators on your bike? Here’s another attempt to persuade you to go this route. We have seen helmets  with indicators and...
Bike Mirror Indicator

Bike Mirror Indicator

Bike Mirror Indicator ? Absolutely. We received one of these not long before Christmas to review and unfortunately it has been sitting waiting for the...
bicycle security

Is bicycle security important?

Riding a bicycle is fun and it’s always going to be exciting. But the challenge that comes from this is actively finding a way...
protectivw gear

Is it necessary to wear protective gear?

Most bike owners are asking whether it’s necessary to wear protective gear or not. As you know, protective gear does slow you down, and...
Limpet Anti Bike Theft Alarm

Anti Bike Theft Tech Launch

If you were one of the 209,000 people in the UK who registered having your bike stolen last year, here is an Anti Bike...
Get Your Bike Clean with a Bosch Fontus

Get Your Bike Clean with Bosch

Bosch Home and Garden have just launched Fontus, a cordless low-pressure washer that is great to get your bike clean. As it works in places...
Leather handlebars can make a bike

Are leather handlebars great for your bicycle?

Bicycle handlebars are not just important to control your bike. Leather handlebars add to both style and comfort.  Do they beat man-made handlebar materials? Man-made...
Bike accessories

What bike accessories should you buy?

Riding a bicycle is amazing and it offers a great sense of freedom. That being said, finding the right bike accessories is just as...
Teko Cycling Socks

Teko Cycling Socks

Professional skiing, physiology and fishing nets would not appear to have much in common but these strange ingredients have come together to create Teko...
Brain Sensing Headband from Muse Teaches Meditation

Meditation for Cycling With a Brain Sensing Headband

There seem to be plenty of websites out there that tell you how the rhythmic activity of cycling is like meditating but here’s a...

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Latest News

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