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Burley Bike Trailers D'Light Test Winner

Burley Bike Trailers Best in Test

Increasing sales of e-bikes across many European countries mean that it is even easier to transport children in bike trailers. This led the Touring...
Meander's stylish urban cycling jacket

Meander Urban Cycling Jacket

Premium lifestyle and performance brand Meander Apparel is set to breathe new life into the cycling fashion market with a stylish urban cycling jacket. Scottish-based...
VAUDE PFC-free water repellant cycling gear

PFC-Free Cycling Clothes

PFC has been the standard technology for water-repellent finishes for cycling and other clothing for years. This makes it all the more impressive that...
Womens Triathlon Suits from Sundried

Womens Triathlon Suits – Sundried Steps Up

Three sports in one race: A triathlon can be daunting so it’s good to know that Sundried's ethical activewear womens triathlon suits will perform all the...
Kymira Infrared Clothing Enhances Performance & Recovery

Infrared Clothing Accelerates Performance Recovery

KYMIRA Sport has released infrared clothing to enhance cycling performance, the latest addition to its “human powered sportswear”. Having spent years in sales and marketing,...
Wall Bike Rack from Clug

Wall Bike Rack

Need a wall bike rack to store your bike tidily whether in the house or apartment or at the office? This is the smallest...
Wearable LED lights from Bookman

Wearable LED Lights for On & Off Your Bike

Innovative Swedish design company Bookman have come out with some wearable LED lights which you can wear both on and off your bike. These “Eclipse”...
Backpack for Bike: Brooks Sparkhill

Backpack for Bike: Brooks New Offer

For more than 100 years Brooks has made fantastic bike saddles. More recently they introduced different models of backpack for bike riders. With Brooks being...
Coolest Cycling Helmet

Coolest Cycling Helmet

Helmets are recommended for cycling. But what do you do when it’s hot? Many helmet suppliers stress the vents for cooling but it takes...
Gel Saddle Bike Seat Lock

Bike Seat Lock from Seatylock

Seatylock have come out with several innovative bike locks in the past few years, starting with a bike seat lock where the saddle and...

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