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SpyCycle Brings You Details of New Cycle Gear from Around the World. This can be Cycle Clothing, Bike Helmets, Bike Lights or Bike Locks and Many Other Things Besides.

Bike Satnav, Light, Camera, Mount for your Handlebars

Declutter Your Bike’s Handlebars

There is only so much space on your handlebars and so much to fit on them, starting with the obligatory bicycle bell we ALL...
Bike bottle AND banana cage

Biking Bananas

Any cycling readers got 3d printers? Then here’s a neat idea for you.
3T Bike Seat Post with 0-25 mm Setback

Bike Seat Post with a Twist

3T Cycling has a lightweight universal seat post with a twist: it’s two seat posts in one. The two clever, reversible saddle rail clamps...
Goldylocks Foldylocks: This Foldable Bike Lock is Just Right!

Foldable Bike Lock – Goldylocks Foldylocks

Not too heavy to carry, not too easy to crack, not too rigid to get round some objects, but flexible enough to fold down...
Nunchuck Grips with Concealed Weapons

Some Bike Accessories Don’t Travel

It is quite surprising the range of products brought out for the bike and cycling market. Some are old ideas rehashed, some are innovative...
Cycling & Triathlon Hydration Monitor LVL

Cycling Hydration Monitor

We often concentrate on the fuel our body needs to avoid the “bonk” when cycling. Potentially more important is our hydration. “Your body is mostly...
Dual Bag System for Cycle Commuting

Cycle Commuting Luggage

An Australian company called Henty Designs has come up with an innovative garment bag that looks as though it would allow you to cycle...
Bike Pins - Reflective Bike Bling

Bike Pins

Just over a year ago, I made a mistake at the Prudential RideLondon event. There was a whole load of “bike bling” and I wondered...
Coffee Brake - Cycling Mug

Coffee Brake!

Coffee Brake. No, that isn’t a spelling mistake. Yes, it would normally be “coffee break”. But it was intentional as it’s the name of a...
Wall Mounted Bike Lock: the Airlok from Hiplok

Wall Mounted Bike Lock – Hiplok Adds to Bike Security

Hiplok have made a name for themselves with their high quality “wearable” bike locks and now look like extending their reputation with a wall...

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Joe Laverick - Fastest 16 Year Old on a Bike

Fastest 16 Year Old on a Bike

Joe Laverick from Scartho, North East Lincolnshire has become the fastest 16-year-old on a bike, measured over 10 miles, during only his second season...
Coolest Cycling Helmet

Coolest Cycling Helmet

Helmets are recommended for cycling. But what do you do when it’s hot? Many helmet suppliers stress the vents for cooling but it takes...
U.S. Ironman Ben Hoffman Uses Ember to Measure Blood Non-Invasively

Sweat, Blood and Fewer Tears: Measure Blood Non-Invasively

Many cyclists and triathletes are unaware of factors that minimise their blood's oxygen-carrying capacity, such as the presence of dyshemoglobins in their blood. While...
FuroSystem's Light Weight Carbon E-Bikes

FuroSystem’s Carbon E-Bikes

Building for strength and light weight with full carbon, here’s a design for what appears to be the first full carbon folding e-bike, as...
Famous Photographer Tim de Waele in Action Taking Cycling Photos

Snapper Snapped Up

During a long and illustrious career, Tim de Waele has photographed every major cycling event globally including 25 Grand Tours - Tour de France,...