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Cycling Climbs of Scotland
Thomas Dekker - The Descent
Epic Bike Rides of the World
Free E-Book with Sportive Nutrition & Training Advice

100km Sportive Prep – SIS E-Book

SIS – or Science in Sport – have a free e-book available for download, with loads of tips and advice on how to prepare...
Triathlon Training Bible Book Review

Triathlon Training Bible – New Jim Vance Book

Jim Vance has to be the ideal person to write a Triathlon Training Bible. After a college career as a cross country and track athlete,...
World Book Day: Cycling Book Review

World Book Day: Cycling Book Review

Today is World Book Day, so why not have a cycling related book review? Asked “when did you learn to ride a bike?”, I imagine...

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Fastest 16 Year Old on a Bike

Joe Laverick from Scartho, North East Lincolnshire has become the fastest 16-year-old on a bike, measured over 10 miles, during only his second season...
Coolest Cycling Helmet

Coolest Cycling Helmet

Helmets are recommended for cycling. But what do you do when it’s hot? Many helmet suppliers stress the vents for cooling but it takes...
U.S. Ironman Ben Hoffman Uses Ember to Measure Blood Non-Invasively

Sweat, Blood and Fewer Tears: Measure Blood Non-Invasively

Many cyclists and triathletes are unaware of factors that minimise their blood's oxygen-carrying capacity, such as the presence of dyshemoglobins in their blood. While...
Famous Photographer Tim de Waele in Action Taking Cycling Photos

Snapper Snapped Up

During a long and illustrious career, Tim de Waele has photographed every major cycling event globally including 25 Grand Tours - Tour de France,...
Cero One Electric Cargobike

Electric Cargobike Success Story

Not all Crowdfunding campaigns are successful, but here is one IndieGogo campaign for an interesting design of Electric Cargobike that is in production. Cero ran...