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Walnut and Grapefruit

Walnut and Grapefruit

The health benefits of cycling are well known, with studies showing that regular cyclists enjoy the general health of people 10 years younger. But...
Car Driving 6 Times More Expensive than Cycling

Economic Cost of Car Driving is 6 Times Higher than Cycling

That self-declared “Cycling City” of Copenhagen has had some research carried out in to the Cost Benefit Analysis of providing infrastructure for cars and...
Manifestos for Cycling

Manifestos for Cycling

Just like it took a cross-party parliamentary body to produce the “Get Britain Cycling” report, cycling is an all-party sport. And even as a...
Amsterdam Determined to Maintain Pole Position as World's Cycling City

Amsterdam Determined to Maintain Pole Position

Amsterdam is already recognised by Copenhagenize.eu as the world’s most bike friendly city, but measures announced by Alderman Pieter Litjens will help it to...

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Joe Laverick - Fastest 16 Year Old on a Bike

Fastest 16 Year Old on a Bike

Joe Laverick from Scartho, North East Lincolnshire has become the fastest 16-year-old on a bike, measured over 10 miles, during only his second season...
Tips for Choosing a New Bike

How much should you spend on a New Bike?

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to cycling or if you are an expert, it’s always wonderful to get a new bike. That being...
Coolest Cycling Helmet

Coolest Cycling Helmet

Helmets are recommended for cycling. But what do you do when it’s hot? Many helmet suppliers stress the vents for cooling but it takes...
Ziya Kocabiyik will cycle from Lands End to John O Groats to raise funds for Amnesty.

Lands End to John O Groats for Amnesty International

Amnesty International supporter Ziya Kocabiyik is to cycle the 969 miles from Lands End to John O Groats to raise funds to assist in...
FuroSystem's Light Weight Carbon E-Bikes

FuroSystem’s Carbon E-Bikes

Building for strength and light weight with full carbon, here’s a design for what appears to be the first full carbon folding e-bike, as...