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New Recumbent E-Bike Trike from Hase
Eta sets World Bike Speed Record
HPV World Championships 2015
HP Scorpion Tourer Benefits from Space Frame Technology

HP Scorpion Tourer Benefits from Space Frame Technology

Touring bikes make conflicting demands: they should be able to carry as heavy loads as possible, while still being small and light to transport....
Bambuk Recumbent Tandem Trike

Bambuk Recumbent Trike Tandem

If recumbent trikes are a niche market, here’s a niche within a niche: a recumbent tandem trike. The same logic applies as for an “upright”...
The Leitra Velomobile Story

The Leitra Velomobile Story

The Danish velomobile pioneer Carl Georg Rasmussen recently gave an interview to Mads Phikamphon of the Icebike.org website, telling the story of Carl Georg’s...
TryTrike Bee

The Best Recumbent Trike Yet?

If the London Bike Show in January had a single recumbent bike or trike on display, I didn’t see it. The other end of...
DHL Cubicycle

DHL Cubicycle

DHL Express has deployed a Cubicycle transport bike in the Dutch town of Almere, according to a report in transport-online.nl. Unlike the 35 bikes...

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Joe Laverick - Fastest 16 Year Old on a Bike

Fastest 16 Year Old on a Bike

Joe Laverick from Scartho, North East Lincolnshire has become the fastest 16-year-old on a bike, measured over 10 miles, during only his second season...
Coolest Cycling Helmet

Coolest Cycling Helmet

Helmets are recommended for cycling. But what do you do when it’s hot? Many helmet suppliers stress the vents for cooling but it takes...
U.S. Ironman Ben Hoffman Uses Ember to Measure Blood Non-Invasively

Sweat, Blood and Fewer Tears: Measure Blood Non-Invasively

Many cyclists and triathletes are unaware of factors that minimise their blood's oxygen-carrying capacity, such as the presence of dyshemoglobins in their blood. While...
FuroSystem's Light Weight Carbon E-Bikes

FuroSystem’s Carbon E-Bikes

Building for strength and light weight with full carbon, here’s a design for what appears to be the first full carbon folding e-bike, as...
Famous Photographer Tim de Waele in Action Taking Cycling Photos

Snapper Snapped Up

During a long and illustrious career, Tim de Waele has photographed every major cycling event globally including 25 Grand Tours - Tour de France,...