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Visiting a bike show isn’t just to see bikes, but also to view accessories and so on. Well, here’s quite some accessory that was exhibited at the “Spezi” (colloquial abbreviation for Spezial, German for special) show in Germersheim, Germany: bike garages!

Note: look out for more articles about bikes at this year’s Spezi – some of them really are quite special and out of the ordinary!

They are made by a company called Cervotec in Münster, right in the West of Germany and known as a bike town; like Cambridge, it has a university and loads of students who cycle, and has excellent cycling infrastructure.

So, you have a bike or three and you need some secure infrastructure to keep it/them in. What do you do? Cervotec have models that will accommodate 1-2, 1-4 or even up to 8 bikes. The key difference is that their products are not just rails to lock your bike to, but are lockable garages, which provide great protection from the weather and against theft. While they have a standard range of products, they are built to specific order, utilising stainless steel and polycarbonate, which is not affected by UV light and doesn’t get brittle with age, and they have video clip which show there is no effect from attacks with a hammer, even at 5 years old. They are also prepared to make custom sizes on request.

The Cerratum One Compact model (illustrated above and in the video clip below) houses between 4 and 8 bikes so could be great for an apartment block. This model can be up to 3.75 metres wide and the special security lock for the cover is on the right hand side. The Cerratum Trio model for 2-4 bikes can have its lock on either the right or the left and can be up to 2.10 wide.

The Cerpan has a simple hood which swings up and has its lock in the centre.

Finally, the Cervarum is a lockable bike box in which the bikes are parked sideways, meaning that the garage is only 96 cm deep and provides secure parking for 2 bikes in the smallest of areas.

With the average sale price of bikes sold in the UK growing year on year as more and more people want something “better”, spending sometimes beyond £10,000 on a bike, it’s surely reassuring to know that there isa way to park your bike safely. Installation of the garage is not a 5-minute job but is straightforward, with the stainless steel uprights being cemented 30cm into the ground.

The company has already supplied products to the UK. Use Google Chrome to translate their website into English.


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