Changing Kids’ Lives from the Seat of A Bike


Imagine flying down the coast of Norway on the seat of a bicycle. For 14-year-old Jakarta Mackie and 10 other teenagers participating on a Two Wheel View (TWV) bike trip, it was more than just your standard summer vacation story. “I just remember feeling so free, like the whole world was open to me,” Mackie says.

Over the past 15 years close to 350 youth have participated onTWV bike trips, cycling the equivalent of more than five times the distance around the world. Quite an accomplishment considering it all began after Rick McFerrin and his wife Tanya returned from a two-year, 24,000 km bike trip around the world. From that time, they have dedicated their lives to providing powerful experiences for young people, using bicycles as a way to push physical, emotional and cultural boundaries.

“We are thrilled to be kicking off our 15th year by offering bike trips to more destinations than ever. Traveling by bicycle is a great way to see new places, meet local people and challenge yourself in new ways – it’s about changing kids’ lives from the seat of a bike,” says McFerrin.

Two Wheel View has been using the bicycle as a tool to create opportunities for young people to learn lessons in leadership, health and wellness, self-esteem and environmental stewardship through hands-on education programs and trips. For Mackie, the boost in self-confidence she gained made a world of difference, “I thought, I could never cycle all that way and spend two weeks biking and camping – that’s insane. But the whole journey was an inspiration, I can honestly say that it changed my life.”

Rick McFerrin also commented “our tours in Norway as well as Canada and Argentina are open to young people from the UK. We have had people join us from France, Argentina and Norway on tours and would welcome young people from the UK as well. The low cost airlines from the UK are a great way to get to Norway.”

TWV takes care of all pre-trip preparation, travel arrangements, experienced trip leaders, supervision, safety, bicycles, accommodations, and meals. As a registered charity, TWV works to keep the trips open and affordable for everyone. TWV invites both youth and adult participants to explore one of these amazing destinations – experiencing outdoor adventure, discovering new cultures and learning as you go.


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