Clipless Pedals for Trail and Enduro


On the heels of the release of the X-Track Race range of clipless pedals  for the XC set, the leader in clipless pedals launches X-Track En-Rage pedal series with the distinct needs of trail and enduro riders in mind. The wider pedal body provides for increased contact surface area offering greater support and stability. Additional pins and cross-ribbed structure on the body give more grip enabling more secure footing, even when not clipped in.

The En-Rage Plus clipless pedals are constructed with forged aluminium, making it particularly resilient to withstand the toughest conditions and hardest hits giving riders the confidence to perform whether they’re sprinting out of a corner or landing a big drop. Additional space around the cleat mechanism helps to shed mud, rocks and other mountain debris.

  • 2 additional pins per side offer adjustable, maximum grip
  • Clip-in and clip-out made easier due to a wide, easy to find platform
  • Intuitive positioning / easy to engage
  • Adjustable tension
  • Robust spindle & bearing mechanism includes double water-resistant seals
  • SPD Compatible

X-Track En-Rage Plus Clipless Pedals

  • Enduro
  • Shoe contact area width: 67mm
  • 225g per pedal / 495g per pair + cleats
  • 664 mm2 shoe contact surface area
  • $129.99 (approx £96.30)

X-Track En-Rage Clipless Pedals

  • Trail
  • Shoe contact area width: 63mm
  • 210g per pedal / 465g per pair + cleats
  • 545 mm2 shoe contact surface area
  • $74.99 (approx £55.60)

Look is a French company located in Nevers (Burgundy), and is the inventor, and leader, of the clipless pedals technology. Its know-how and technical expertise have been awarded multiple times for its products as well as its constant desire to innovate and excel.


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