Coffee Brake!


Coffee Brake. No, that isn’t a spelling mistake. Yes, it would normally be “coffee break”. But it was intentional as it’s the name of a cycling oriented thermos mug.

The story goes like this. Ben Clark was cycling to work on a frosty Minneapolis morning, cup of coffee in hand. All was fine till he hit some ice. Not only did he go over, his coffee got spilled, and the plastic handle on his mug broke. When he arrived at his bike shop, he used a brake lever to effect a repair. So you can see where “Coffee Brake” came from.

Several customers liked his mug with its distinctive brake lever as a handle. Ben made 20 and they sold out in a week. So he made 70 more and they sold out too. The next series was 1500, and – you guessed it – they sold as well, having been mentioned in Cycling Magazine, Momentum, Wired and Velo News.

Now Ben and his wife Lisa have a kickstarter campaign live to ramp up the production further.

The mugs are double walled mini thermos flasks so will keep your coffee hot (or cold drink cold) and have a “sip spout” so you can drink without spilling (unless you hit some of that Minneapolis ice). They are also dishwasher safe.

Place your order on Kickstarter as a Super Early Bird and a mug will cost you $20, rising to $23 as a plain Early Bird, and then $25 on kickstarter. Eventually, the retail price will be $30 a time.

They are due to ship in December so might just make it for Christmas presents. 


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