Combination Bike Lock


Hot on the heels of Foldylock’s Clipster comes the announcement of a new Combination Bike Lock from Japanese company Crops, the K3-Biro.

Instead of wearing the 1 kg Clipster wearable bike lock on your belt or in your pocket, the Japanese solution is to “wear” the lock on your bike: it comes with an attaching bracket so that you can transport the lock attached, for example, to your seat post. You simply wind the belt element around the seat post, thread it into the locking mechanism and tight the screw to fasten, and as such is similar to the fixings supplied by a number of suppliers of bike lights – where Cateye comes to mind as an example.

Both designs look to lessen the space required when the lock is being transported, with the Clipster folding, and this combination bike lock having coils which compress when not pulled out to lock up your bike.

Combination Bike Lock Shown Open

This 3 digit combination bike lock is a lot lighter than the folding lock as well, coming in at just 200g. The combination can be set to a number of your choice and this is done in the same way as simple luggage logs: with the lock open, you hold a button down while turning the three wheels to your number choice; once you let go of the button, the combination bike lock is set at your number choice.

At the time of writing and in advance of the Eurobike show (July 8th to 10th) we do not yet know the security rating of the lock.

The “4D memory shape cable” extends to 1200mm, so longer than the 750mm of my “café lock”, and despite the coiled nature of this design, without tangling.


Crops is evidently a very established manufacturer, founded in 2001. Headquartered in Tokyo but with manufacturing based in Kobe, Japan, they have a considerable range of cycle accessories, which includes lights, cycle computers, pedals and saddle bags, as well as – obviously – cycle locks (including alarmed bike locks) and distribute their range in more than 20 countries.


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