Concept e-Bike Yunma EVELO at CES


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is an exciting show to visit if you are a geek and like to see what is happening and coming down the road in IT. But it isn’t the first place you would expect to find a new bike.

It’s not surprising then that Hangzhou Yunmake Technology Co., Ltd, a Hangzhou, China-based innovation company, claim that their “EVELO” concept e-bike is the first to be exhibited at CES.

Hangzhou Yunmake Technology CEO Qiu Yiwu said, “The Yunma EVELO, an e-bike that will provide a convenient mode of transportation on crowded city streets, is positioned as a travel tool of choice for modern young professionals.”

The new two-wheeled “concept vehicle” (do they mean “bike”?) was designed based on the needs of the target rider. The manufacturer relocated the e-bike’s switch to the lateral side of the handlebar, a design change that differs from that of traditional e-bikes, making the two-wheeler distinctively easier to ride. The switch to alternate between mechanical riding mode and e-mode has been placed on a handlebar, allowing users to shift back and forth using one hand.

The Yunma EVELO can be accessed using the “Zhixingche” app (think that might need some “Westernisation”!), through which the vehicle can be remotely locked and unlocked as well as located. In addition, the app can be used to locate the nearest recharging stations as well as provide remote performance monitoring. The Yunma EVELO comes equipped with several jacks allowing the plugging in of a wide range of digital devices, adding further convenience when travelling in urban areas.

Being a concept bike, the company says that further information about the features of the Yunma EVELO will be released at a later time, as the product is not yet commercially available.

Yunmake revealed that Propeller Design AB, a strategy design company based in Stockholm, Sweden, played an irreplaceable role during the design of the Yunma EVELO concept bike. It is for this reason that the overall appearance and functional design of Yunma EVELO reflects an obvious Scandinavian minimalist style. They say that the actual riding experience demonstrates that the minimalist design style does not compromise the functionality of the Yunma EVELO. The bike features both a slim appearance and a wide range of available features, much in line with the minimalist style that arose in the 1930s in the design of furniture, buildings and factories across Northern Europe.

Overall, the e-bike is supposed to merge functionality with aesthetics, a “combination that is likely to appeal to today’s young urban professionals”. Hmm, say it will appeal to today’s young urban professionals often enough, maybe it will. So, who do you think is the target audience for the bike?

Mr. Qiu added, “The Yunma EVELO is the result of Yunmake Technology’s efforts to promote multinational cooperation in industrial design and provide a better experience for today’s modern youth in cities across China.” (Missed opportunity to mention “today’s young urban professionals” there!)

Yunmake Technology is an innovative “mobile” internet company specializing in software and hardware product design and system development in the mobility segment, which is where the concept e-bike fits in. The company has been recognized by Fast Company as one of China’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2014. The company hasapplied for more than ten technology patents, and its development team is one of the teams that have won the most international design awards from Red Dot, IF and IDEA.

The company has completed a Series A funding round during which the firm raised tens of millions of yuan from Global 500 companies Qualcomm and Foxconn as well as well-known investors Shunwei Capital, ZhenFund, Rice Bank and Yinxinggu Capital, so the funding is there to go from concept to reality.


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