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As a member of the Cyclists Touring Club, I know a number of people who tour by bike and have panniers mounted both front and rear on their bikes. Others get in to towing a bike trailer which gets loaded with camping gear.

Then there’s the increasing number of people who use their bike to carry tools, equipment, shopping and a whole range of other things by bike, where the choice can be to have a regular bike and trailer or perhaps opt for a cargo bike – more common in the Netherlands and Denmark than here. (More on cargo bikes another day.)

The issue for most people these days is what to do with a trailer that takes up storage space when you’re at home and you need to put it somewhere secure.

So the Hmini and Hmaxi “Hinterher” (a German word which translates as “behind”) trailers provide an interesting solution, not just because the wheels can be removed and render the footprint of the whole trailer into something quite tiny, but because of the flexibility of the trailer, which can rapidly change from bike trailer to push cart, so you can park the bike and deliver the load if there’s somewhere the bike can’t go. Another few clicks and the push cart becomes a trolley which can be pulled up stairs. So you could bring your shopping home on your bike trailer and pull up at the front door of an apartment block. Uncouple from the bike and pull your hand cart into the building, into a lift, through any doors, and into your rooms.

hinterher convertible bike trailerThe aluminium base tray weighs 5.6 kg on the larger model and 4.2 kg on the smaller. The total weight as a trailer is 10 kg and 8.1 kg and the carrying loads as a bike trailer should not exceed 40 kg on either version, though the load as a handcart is 80kg. The total width at the wheels of the 2 versions is approx 670 and 580 mm (large and small models). The standard models have 20” and 16” wheels respectively.

They come with a tow bar and coupler socket kit from Weber-Technology, an integrated fold-away kickstand, a tension (retaining) strap with 2 aluminium carabiners, and an interchangeable adapter for bike tow bar or hand tow bar integrated in the chassis.

The 2 versions cost €518 and €498 including German VAT (around £375 and £360) and can be bought online.


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