Crafted Classique Sportive 2015


Ipswich Cycling Weekend got under way today with the Crafted Classique set of Sportives from the Waterfront.

There were 3 distances on offer: a short 55km ride, a longer 100km ride, and the longest of all was the 100 mile ride. All 3 started from the Waterfront and set off up Bishops Hill and Felixstowe Road, to Bucklesham, Newbourne, Martlesham, Woodbridge and Melton, where the first split occurred. The 100km and 100 mile riders headed up past Sutton Hoo while the 55km riders went straight on.

The split between the 100km and 100 mile riders took place at Snape. My Garmin logged the 100km route as per the image on the left.

The registration of the 700 or so riders ran more smoothly this year than last and riders were getting away before 8 a.m. The route signs were also more frequent and clearer than last year.

The temperatures got ever warmer and I for one was glad to reach the two water stops on the 100km ride, and the bottle of water plus the glass of Cavors at the finish also disappeared pretty quickly.

As usual, a number of riders were sociable on the ride, or at least called a warning that they were coming up on your right. I’m too old and slow now to keep up with the speeds of the different average speed bands of the Ipswich Bicycle Club – which has the honour of being one of the oldest in the East of England – but a call to indicate their arrival alongside you and rapid passing by would be welcome; or are they so focussed on their ride, formation and speed that old guys like me don’t count?

Congratulations to Ipswich Borough and the digital media company Crafted for a well organised set of events, as well as to Elmy’s who were providing service (even if that was just a top up of air at the start) and acting as the sweeper to gather anybody in need.


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