Custom Paint Bike Frame


3T bikes are now offering “RTP” frames – Ready to Paint – for those cyclists who want a custom paint bike frame.

As the RTP name suggests 3T’s frames are prepared for painting but still unfinished which allows cycle shop and cyclists to create a truly unique frame using the custom painter of their choice to get an exciting and highly personalized custom bike frame.

3T’s first ever RTP frame was an Exploro, painted by the legendary Italian bike designer, manufacturer and painter Dario Pegoretti.

Since then, these RTP frames have proven popular for:

  1. Individual consumers who, in choosing a custom paint bike frame, are looking for something really unique and who know a local custom painter they want to work with (or can ask 3T for suggestions).
  2. 3T retailers who wish to do a small run with a custom paint bike frame to offer to their best customers.
  3. 3T themselves, when they feel like doing something different with the paint finish, in collaboration with a painter they like.
  4. Other brands who want to offer their customers something truly special in a custom paint bike frame.

To showcase all the possibilities with the RTP frames and hopefully provide some inspiration for those looking to do their own custom-painted 3T frame, 3T will start featuring some of the most interesting designs on the 3T blog under the “Get Creative Series” section.

At the top of this page, for example, is the custom paint bike frame made in collaboration with Toby Stanton at for Aqua Blue Sports rider and US National Champion Larry Warbasse, a 3T Exploro, the one he’s using for the off-season. It has been made in collaboration with Toby Stanton at

You can read and see more custom paint bike frames in 3T’s new Ready To Paint category on the 3t blog



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