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It’s not just the season for national and international cycling events, but the time when a number of intrepid cyclists head off both touring and camping. Here’s something for the happy campers.

Danish company Wide Path Camper IVS, based in Sønderborg have designed and developed a sandwich construction hardshell but lightweight bike-towed caravan which can provide sleeping space for “2.5 people” (presumably 2 adults and a small child), loads of storage space, and room for 4 to sit and eat.

The trailer is effectively two shells which rapidly slide inside each other to pack up and move on, but also can be opened up within a couple of minutes to provide shelter from the weather and set up for the night on a campsite, thanks to its adjustable support legs and simple folding mechanism, where the back section folds over the front. This means that the transport size of 99 x 130 changes to 99 x 260 cm with an inside height of 130cm.

There is space under the bed for 300 litres of storage. Whatever you choose to carry with you will add to the camper’s 45kg weight. This is probably around 35kg more than a bike trailer, but with the advantage of having a more weather proof place to dine and sleep. Depending on the hills you expect to encounter, a 45 kg net weight may mean that a Pedelec (pedal assist) or even e-bike could be worth considering.

The Wide Path Camper will be available from September, so missing the peak of the summer holidays this year, but perhaps coming into its own for Autumn trips. It costs €3500 or around £2500 and is available for pre-order.


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